- Gutterfags -

Quarterly reviews of sequential art about dude-on-dude lust and love

edited by Aldo Alvarez, Ph.D. & Dale Lazarov

Credits for the four-panel comic strip above: concept by Dale Lazarov, Comic by Knut Graabein, featuring Popeye (©1929 King Features Syndicate), Midnighter (©1998 Wildstorm/DC Comics), Dr. Benton Quest (©1964 Hanna-Barbera Productions), Wendel (©1979 Howard Cruse), and Sundry Tom of Finland Sailors. used without permission because it's fair use satire about comics we love.

Gutterfags is sponsored by Sticky Graphic Novels, an imprint of gay character-based, sex-positive graphic novels published in hardcover by Bruno Gmünder GmbH and in digital format by Class Comics.