- Gutterfags -

Quarterly reviews of sequential art about dude-on-dude lust and love

edited by Aldo Alvarez, Ph.D. AKA Dale Lazarov

Credits for the three-panel comic strip above: script by Dale Lazarov, art by Michael Broderick.

Gutterfags is sponsored by Sticky Graphic Novels, an imprint of gay character-based, sex-positive graphic novels published in hardcover by Bruno Gmünder GmbH and in digital format by Class Comics.

- NEW Reviews for October 2016 -

-- What Did You Eat Yesterday? by Fumi Yoshinaga, translated by Maya Bosewood, reviewed by Kyle J. Campbell

-- Harry and Dickless Tom  by Brad Rader, reviewed by Larry Duplechan

-- Finn and Charlie Are Hitched by Tony Breed, reviewed by Meredith Nudo

-- Adrian and The Tree of Secrets by Hubert and Marie Caillou, translated by David Homel, reviewed by Mike Martinez

-- The Desert Peach #20 ("Fever Dream") by Donna Barr, reviewed by Bruce Asbury


- Older Reviews -

-- The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal by E.K. Weaver, reviewed by Meredith Nudo

-- Wuvable Oaf  by Ed Luce, reviewed by Mike Martinez

-- Roy & Al by Ralf König, reviewed by Kyle J. Campbell

-- Webz by KaputOtter, reviewed by Daniel Milco

-- Husbands: The Comic by Brad Bell, Jane Espenson et al, reviewed by Larry Duplechan

-- The Completely Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green by Eric Orner, reviewed by Larry Duplechan

-- Hearts and Iron (issues #1 through #5) by Jeff Jacklin, reviewed by Daniel Milco

-- Cavalcade of Boys by Tim Fish, reviewed by JB Sanders

-- Enigma by Peter Milligan and Duncan Fegredo, reviewed by Bruce Asbury

-- Artifice by Alex Woolfson and Winona Nelson, reviewed by Mike Martinez