Quarterly reviews of sequential art about

dude-on-dude lust and love

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Gutterfags is sponsored by Sticky Graphic Novels, an imprint of gay character-based, sex-positive graphic novels published in hardcover by Bruno Gmünder GmbH and in digital format by Class Comics.


How to submit graphic novels and comics

about dude-on-dude lust and love

for review in Gutterfags

Yes, we are actively looking for  sequential art (graphic novels, comics, webcomics) about dude-on-dude lust and love for review.


-- We have a few flexible conditions about what we will review:

1) Yes, a graphic novel from 20 years ago that is on topic for the website -- it's about dude-on-dude lust and/or love --  is perfect for Gutterfags.

2) Medium is unimportant.  It doesn't matter if it's print or digital, self-published, other-published or fraternity-published.

-- We have a few inflexible conditions about what we will not review:


1) No rapey comics. We are for homoromantic/homoerotic comics.

2) No books where the homoerotic/homoromantic angle is incidental to the story or a minor subplot.

3) No anthologies. Gay comics anthologies are primarily haphazard cronyfests and lead to samey reviews: "this anthology has no organizing principle and the best and the worst stories...well, I can't explain why they are together in this book".


4) No incomplete storylines will be reviewed.  Webcomics submitted for review need to tell us which story arc(s) they want us to review that are complete using precise start and end dates.


5) No unpublished books.


To have your book assigned to one of our reviewers, please provide a PDF of the book via DropBox link to gutterfags@gmail.com.  We cannot promise coverage as so much depends on the availability of a reviewer who has an affinity for the kind of work you do.  We operate in a literary journal mode -- four issues a year, reviewing books irrespective of their release date -- so reviewing a book close to its release is not an issue for us as it would be for a newspaper or a magazine.  If you're looking for a review to coincide with a book release, it's unlikely to happen.